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Leila Sadien, Doctor, Intuitive Healer, Shaman
Shamanic Medicine

Shamanic Medicine

Shamanic medicine is the practice of Shamanic gifts toward healing the client, and the world.

The role of the shaman, or medicine woman in the community is to be a traveller and guide between this world and the unseen in order to bring healing and guidance for individuals, for humanity and for the Earth. Becoming a shaman is a birthright and training is received through direct communion with unseen realms as well as apprenticeship with other shamans. It is a lifelong dedication to self mastery and Divine intimacy in order to be of service with integrity and humility. Dr Leila is a priestess of Dragon Medicine, has initiated into and is an adept on the Applied Alchemy path as well as the path of The Visionary Medicine Woman. Informed by this sacred shamanic training she has manifest a healing space that is safe, authentic and filled with the deepest love.

Elevating your energetic frequency

Energy Healing

Used as a tool in shamanic healing, our energy healing practice incorporates ancient philosophies like Reiki and ancient magic rituals with Quantum Healing and Light Channelling to remove energetic blocks and raise the frequency of the energy body to activate self healing.

Practical guidance, divinely inspired

Life Process Counselling

Renascent Health’s very own divinely driven version of Life Coaching. Dr Leila offers shamanic counselling to individuals, couples, children and even organisations. Life Process work involves a series of consultations that ultimately culminate in initiation into another phase of life or ‘levelling up’.

From your soul to your very cells

Crystal Healing

In Crystal Healing we make use of sacred tools and practices to move the energy of a client to affect healing in the physical body. Through the placing of crystals we unlock traumas, move and transform beliefs, unburden the spiritual self, and make room for physical healing.

Practice healing and various other gifts

Shamanic Apprenticeship

For those who are called to elevate the frequency in which they practice healing, and specifically those who are particularly drawn to the Dragon Medicine Path, Dr Leila offers personalised individual and group apprenticeships and workshops.

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