Renascent Health
Leila Sadien, Doctor, Intuitive Healer, Shaman
Integrative Medicine

Our goal is to help clients reach their true health potential.

Symptoms are the human body’s way of alerting us to deeper problems. Our approach is therefore not to simply eliminate symptoms, but rather to uncover the cause – whether physiological, mental or metaphysical, and then create a personalised map to journey toward more meaningful healing. We explore dis-ease as co-captains with our clients, empowering them to participate in and then take ownership of their own healing.

We take our clients on a journey to their full health potential

Integrative medicine

Integrative Healing is an art whereby patients are guided toward optimizing their full health potential, using any of the available tools of ancient and modern medicine.
The healing journey involves diagnosing and transmuting the highly individual traumas and blockages of body, mind and spirit, in order to allow the patient to access self-healing

Self-healing vitality, directly into your system.

IV drip lounge

In our current reality there are a number of reasons why it is nearly impossible for most people to ingest their required nutrition through food alone. Access to wholesome food, toxic processed food, demanding lifestyles creating higher nutrient demands all play a part in creating a fundamentally malnutritioned society, one of the core causes of all modern dis-ease. We offer personalized intravenous Vitamins, minerals and botanicals to help optimize your nutritional status and keep you ahead of the pack.

Using kinesiology muscle testing and the appropriate holistic medical workup, your IVs are personalised and tailored to your specific needs. We are able to effectively target dehydration, skin health, physical energy, brain function, weight loss, immunity, inflammation and more.

Finding harmony between the inner and outer self

Weight Goals Program

Our Weight Goals program is a focused stream of Integrative Healthcare, for clients who would like to achieve certain body weight or body composition goals.
At its core it is still about true health optimization and finding harmony between the inner and outer self image. The client is guided on a journey to address all the causes of undesirable weight, including lightening the internal emotional load, and in doing so, frees them to effectively and sustainably transform the physical body.

Medicine for the Soul

Integrative Medicine

Being an integrative doctor means having a responsibility to teach people to manage their own wellness. Part of that responsibility is sharing our knowledge about different healing modalities so that patients can make informed decisions about healthcare.

“Renascent Health is where I go to feel like my best self again. Whether I need emotional or physical healing, a spiritual reset, glowing skin or a top-up of filler, Dr. Leila and her team do an incredible job of restoring your magic, your beauty, and your health.”

Aqeelah Harron