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Leila Sadien, Doctor, Intuitive Healer, Shaman
Aesthetic Medicine

Aesthetic Medicine

Beauty has always been sacred

Throughout history and across cultures, beauty has been a representation of Divinity and ancient medicine has always had a focus on the aesthetic. At Renascent Health we extend this reverence of beauty to not only the spiritual light that shines through from within, but also to the external appearance. Our work is to align the inner light with the outer in the most natural and sacred way.

There is history and power in our hair

Hair Restoration

Your hair is your crown, a very personal and powerful extension of self. There is history in our hair and the magic it holds deserves reverence and respect. In our hair restoration program we utilise the principles of Integrative Medicine and Kinesiology to investigate the underlying causes of hair loss and then heal the body and invigorate the scalp to regrow sustainably thicker, healthier hair.


Healthy skin is beautiful skin.

Skin Care

We understand that your skin deserves the highest level of respect and care. Our focus at Renascent Health is guiding your skin toward true health to allow you to harness your beauty potential, and allow you to shine your true inner beauty confidently to the world. 

Our beauty specialist consults with each client to truly understand your dream skin goals and explore any internal underlying issues. She then devises your personal skin journey plan, which includes treatment, products, supplements and lifestyle advice to ensure that your results are sustainable and that you are empowered to take ownership of your own skin health.

As beautiful as you are inside, on the outside.

Aesthetic Medicine

At Renascent Health aesthetic medicine is viewed as an ancient art, with modern tools. Our work is to bring harmony to the balance of inner and outer beauty, and we understand how healing the power of a positive self image can be. Aiming to help you reach your full beauty potential, we offer the world’s finest aesthetic medicine technologies in the form of Botox, fillers, threads and more. Our style is to enhance the artistic proportions of beauty, while prioritising our clients’ natural appearance.


“Since visiting Dr Leila, I’ve had many concerns, be it holistically or physically. Dr leilas approach is truly unique and she caters to each need specifically. I’ve never been happier with my skin. My physical well being has also improved immensely since visiting dr Leila and I would recommend her to everyone!”

Nadia Jaftha

Wellness Store

We stock many of the best natural medicine products and supplement ranges

Handpicked by Dr Leila to be either the most affordable  or most effective products for our client’s varied needs. Many of our  products are “practitioner only”, which ensures their clinical efficacy  and safety.  

Our aesthetic products have also been selected over the years as  the best products for our client’s needs. We stock a range to treat  all problems and for every budget. Dr Leila is always updating and  

refreshing this offering so please come in and feel free to browse at  your leisure.