Renascent Health
Leila Sadien, Doctor, Intuitive Healer, Shaman

Dr Leila Sadien


Integrative Medical Practitioner, Medical Intuitive, Shaman

Blessed greetings, I am Dr Leila, and it is an honour to serve you.

Leading Health & Beauty from a sacred place

I am a Medical Doctor by profession, and a Shamaness and medical intuitive by birth and Divine calling. My life’s work is to bring sanctity back into the art of medicine and healing, and to this end I have explored and studied a number of ancient healing modalities throughout my life. I am passionate about creating harmony and beauty in the world and awakening my clients to do the same within themselves through accessing their inner power and developing an intimate and loving relationship with themselves.

My Healing Method

My own healing methodology has developed through a deep personal journey of healing, combined with sacred intuitive guidance and evidence-based medical science, allowing a uniquely holistic view of my patients’ health. As a shaman and doctor I am able to navigate both seen and unseen elements of wellness simultaneously, providing a truly personalised, sacred journey that brings healer and patients together as co-creators of the process. Integrity and authenticity are the cornerstones of my work and the therapeutic alliance is built on non-judgement, love and service to the highest good at all times.


A healer is someone that triggers within you the ability to heal yourself.