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Nurturing Homeopathy and Wellness within yourself

Being an integrative doctor means having a responsibility to teach people to manage their own wellness. Part of that responsibility is sharing our knowledge about different healing modalities so that patients can make informed decisions about healthcare. On this journey I have been blessed to cross paths with one of Voice of the Cape’s most dynamic radio presenters; Mishka Daries. Like me, she shares a passion for sharing knowledge about health and empowering the people around her, and like me she began with herself. On her own journey to wellness, Mishka came to see me as a patient and resonated so fully with the integrated service we offer, she offered to share it with the world on radio.

Together we compiled a series of radio programmes called Nurturing Wellness where we share information about alternative and allied medical therapies. Alternative medicine is becoming more and more accepted in this world, and certainly I find patients requesting “something natural” far more often than ever before. One problem with this is that patients often don’t know what exactly they mean when they say “natural”, they also aren’t aware that there are many different types of alternative medicine practices offering safe and natural health solutions, and if they do its very difficult to decide what kind of doctor / practitioner they need to see. Nurturing Wellness is a guide to understanding alternative medicine for this purpose.

This week I did a short introduction into Homeopathy and shared some insights into when it would be appropriate to choose this healing modality.


Homeopathy is a system of medicine that was discovered in 1796 by Dr Samuel Hahnemann. It works on the principle that any substance that can make a healthy person unwell, can be used to treat a sick person with those symptoms. A good example of this is that homeopathic coffee can be used to treat a patient suffering with insomnia.

Homeopathy is for all intents and purposes a form of energy medicine. Remedies are prepared by diluting a specific substance in distilled water or alcohol until it is so dilute that there is no longer any chemical trace of the substance molecules. the vials of remedy are then repeatedly knocked against a hard surface to incorporate kinetic energy into the remedy, making its effect stronger. Higher “potencies” of a remedy mean that it has been knocked more times.

This process means that all chemical effect of the substance is nullified, making it safe for use in babies even. It also means that the effect of the medication works through its energy alone, effecting a change on the patients energy body instead of physical body. This energetic healing then translates into a physical relief of symptoms without side effects.

Many anti-alternative-medicine doctrines suggest that homeopathy cannot work because there is no chemical evidence of the substance in the remedy. Modern science however has proven that everything is made up of a molecular as well as energy presence , we just don’t have the tools to measure the energetic component yet. Dr Hahnemann was a medical doctor who also worked translating alchemic texts for many years. It is believed that he founded homeopathy based on these ancient texts as well as his own deductions as a medical doctor.


Almost any substance can be used to create a homeopathic remedy. The most common are taken from plants and natural substances like minerals or even human or animal products, but some remedies are made from energetic emissions like Moonlight and Xrays.

One of the most well known homeopathic remedies is called Allium Cepa. This remedy is created from the onion. As we all know, the fumes of a onion cause burning of the eyes and copious flow from the eyes and nose. In homeopathic potency, Allium cepa is used to treat illness where there is excessive clear fluid production like colds and hayfever. It is also useful where there is burning or pain of the eyes.

Not only used to treat acute illness, homeopathy can also be used to treat illnesses of the mind or even distress caused by an over-dominant personality. A great remedy we can use to illustrate this is the remedy made from Iron, called Ferrum. Ferrum is used in treating people with an “iron will”, people who are stubborn, irritable or don’t like contradiction. With the history of iron being associated for millennia with weapons and armour, Ferrum is also used in patients who often dream of war or battle, they are often in conflict with others, get angry quickly or have a very obvious fear of death.

When to use homeopathy

Homeopathy is highly complex and treats a patient far more deeply than western science can understand at this stage. Qualified homeopaths receive extensive training in all the remedies and in learning how to assess a patient’s personality and illness appropriately. Buying a remedy over the counter at a health shop is a poor substitute for visiting a qualified homeopath, and I always recommend seeing a homeopath personally if I feel this is the kind of medicine the patient needs.

My most common homeopathy referrals are for babies and children, who not only respond very well to these therapies but who also do not tolerate chemicals very easily. I also often use homeopathy when the patient is allergic to many drugs and herbs or when they cannot take other medicines because of poorly functioning livers or kidneys or if they are pregnant or breastfeeding. Many patients come to me with emotional problems on top of their medical concerns and a good homeopathic remedy can work wonders on these ailments of the mind.

There are many homeopathic pharmacies who create blends of remedies to treat specific illness. One can find a cough complex for example, which contains all the remedies used to treat different kinds of coughs. The theory is that only the correct remedy will resonate with the energy of the patient experiencing that illness, so only it will have an effect on the symptoms. This is the principle when one buys a homeopathic cough mixture or a cream for eczema or eye drop for example.

I continually observe magical reactions to these energetic remedies and have no doubt that they work powerfully. My own children only used homeopathic medicine for the first 2 years of their lives. Like anything, it is highly practitioner dependant and I suggest doing your research before choosing a homeopath. I also suggest that everyone see a homeopath at least once in their lives to truly decide for themselves if it is a healing modality that could work for them.