Dr Leila is the principle and director of Renascent Health. She graduated from UCT medical school in 2005 and has been a GP in private practice for 8 years. Trained also in reiki, homeopathy, aesthetic, integrative and functional medicine, Dr Leila has a passion for alternative medicine and holistic healing. She performs a broad range of aesthetic procedures including botox, fillers, skin peels and facelift threads. She currently offers the full spectrum of GP services as well as a range of integrative medical practices including dry needling, vitamin drips and biopuncture. She also specialises in stress and hormone treatment using functional medicine and bio identical hormones, detox methods, dietary and lifestyle medicine and gut repair.

“My interest lies in offering healing to patients holistically and with integrity. Helping the patient find meaning in their suffering and pain is a core focus in my practice and I believe that simply treating symptoms is not only short sighted but can also be dangerous. I strongly believe that we all have the ability to cure ourselves, and my passion lies simply in being a facilitator in this process.”