Southern Hijaabian

Southern Hijaabian First Lady Affair | By Laaiqah Isaacs A lovely First Lady Affair write-up by Laaiqah Isaacs on her blog "Southern Hijaabian". Dr. Leila was among the awe inspiring female speakers called in to motivate and inspire this beautiful eclectic mix of powerful women. [caption id="attachment_3006" align="aligncenter" width="1600"] Dr. Leila speaking at the First Lady…
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Thread-lifting, the alternative face-lift

Thread-lifting, the alternative face-lift Original post can be found here: In the last decade self-preservation, balanced lifestyle and one’s overall appearance has become very prevalent and yes, usually when you look good you feel good. Unfortunately ‘preservation’, in the form of plastic surgery, usually comes with an exorbitant price that only a minority can afford.…
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SABC3 Mela: An introduction to integrative medicine and Renascent Health

Dr. Leila's Interview on Mela SABC3


An introduction to integrative medicine and Renascent Health


Mela | 30/07/17


Carishma Basday, gorgeous presenter, yoga instructor, and actress, came to see us for an IV Vitamin drip and felt inspired to share her experience with Mela watchers. After shooting all day, hours of footage finally manifested in this (very short) but magical clip.